A Quick Photo Shoot in Oregon

Last week my daughter and I took a quick trip to Oregon for a family reunion.  We had a wonderful time visiting family.  We had planned to stay for 10 days, but the trip was cut short since I am still recovering from my car accident and my daughter had some last-minute schedule changes, too.  She found a wonderful dress “thrifting” with her aunt and cousin and when we were headed from one town to another visiting family, we stopped at a lake and snapped a few quick pictures.

photograph of girl in blue dress at lake by Janell Mithani

This was a spontaneous decision, She changed her clothes in the car, and put her makeup on in about two minutes, LOL.

photograph of girl in blue dress by lake by janell mithani

photograph of girl in blue dress by lake by janell mithani

I love the ethereal look to the photographs.  It was kind of hazy and the sky was a bit orange due to forest fires north of us, so I did some post production manipulating focus/blurring in Photoshop.

photograph of girl in blue dress by lake by janell mithani

My daughter will always be my most favorite subject to photograph. 🙂  It’s been a while since we did a photo shoot.  I am so glad we took a few minutes to take these.  I miss photographing my girl!

I am beginning to feel a lot better and I am headed into the final week of my physical therapy, so I am planning to get back to posting to my blog on a regular basis.  Thanks for all the encouraging thoughts, comments and emails.  I appreciate all of you.

Have a wonderful creative day, Janell


10 thoughts on “A Quick Photo Shoot in Oregon

  1. I didn’t realize you’d had a car accident. I’m so sorry to hear it! That can take so long to get over. I was in a minor fender-bender a couple years ago, and it was over a year before I no longer had pain from it. I still cringe if I’m riding in a car when the driver waits too long to brake and comes too close for comfort to the car in front of us.

    These photos are gorgeous, really ethereal and dream-like. Beautiful!


  2. So sorry to hear of your accident. Your blog disappeared from my reader for a while so I’m trying to catch up. Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. These images of your beautiful daughter are so wonderful! So soft and dreamy!


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