My New Grand-Nephew!

I was so excited to meet my new grand-nephew on our recent trip to Oregon.  Here are a few pictures of him.  I had lot’s of fun taking his picture as he is such a happy baby.

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In the first two pictures, I propped him on cushions on the couch and had some wonderful side window light as fill light on the top left.  I used a fill flash for his face and to get those catch lights in his eyes.  His mom was helping as he a little slippery.

The last picture is all natural light, we put him in my mom’s old coal bucket and sat him in the grass in open shade.  I think he thought we were pretty silly.

I misplaced one of my CF cards (it was a whirlwind trip!)  Fortunately, I had backed it up on my niece’s laptop… but a few days ago, my sis found it in her couch and it just arrived in the mail today.  So I will have more pictures to share soon…

Oh, and don’t you see just a little red in that hair of his?  I sure do! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My New Grand-Nephew!

  1. Definitely red! What a doll! Those are fabulous pictures! I bet they’ll beg for you to visit them frequently so they can get some more. It’s not easy taking photos of a baby like that. I know because I tried it when my 33 year old son was a baby. 🙂


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