A Jewelry Gift Honoring Our Grandmother

My grandmother had a collection of thimbles that she gave me a few years before she passed away.   They have been in a drawer in my jewelry box for about 10 years.


I was looking through them a few months ago and found one that had a hole in the top of it.   thimblecharmneck2B

I think my grandmother must have used this one so much that her needle went completely through the top of it.  I had seen a few thimble necklaces on Pinterest, so I thought it would be fun to make a necklace for my sis for Christmas.  I began with this thimble and then added other things that were special and sentimental to our family.

2014-12-12 18.11.51

I also have a wonderful vintage button collection, so I added some of them to the necklace and made a separate shorter necklace that could be worn with the thimble necklace.  I used one of my mother of pearl buttons.  (Beautiful button, but did not photograph very well…)


I made another button necklace for my niece out of some fresh water pearls and a mother of pearl button from my stash.    MotherofPearlButton2B

For Christmas, My Aunt sent me one of my other grandmother’s thimbles, so I am going to make a thimble necklace for myself.   I just loved the one I made for my sis.  Now I am totally hooked on button and thimble jewelry!

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell



14 thoughts on “A Jewelry Gift Honoring Our Grandmother

  1. Those are truly beautiful, Janell! I think you’re really on to something! What a beautiful way to remember a loved one–so much better than sticking her thimbles in a drawer somewhere you don’t see them often. I’m sure your sister and niece were absolutely thrilled!

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  2. I wish I could say I have…some challenging times are ahead and I needed to slow down, all I can say for now we hopping for the best, thank you for asking Janell and sincerely hope that your 2015 started wonderfully!


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