New Valentine’s Jewelry

I have been working on some new jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day.  I needed more pieces for my online store and for some of the boutiques that carry my jewelry.  This is such a fun time of year for me!  You can see more at my online store here.

blue crystal heart earrings

I just fell in love with these pink agate beads with little druzy crystals in each bead.


Hears hearts, hearts!  I just love them!


This is a bracelet with a bunch of little sweet twisted rings crocheted along with deep red accent beads.looksbreaceletB

I am loving the contrast between antique copper and deep red beads.  redheartbracelet5

These earrings are crocheted with wire and glass beads… and more hearts!  🙂CrochetedPinkHeartEarB

Have a wonderful, heart filled, creative day, Janell


19 thoughts on “New Valentine’s Jewelry

  1. Oh I love all of it, I must say that the antique copper bracelet is my very favorite! I love the richness and the warmth of it, red&hot LOVE! Beautiful work Janell, each piece has a different vibe and something unique to offer and all make a most perfect Valentines Day gift to somebody special!

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  2. These are so beautiful! I visited you here last week after Elizabeth featured you on her blog and found so many things to admire. I didn’t leave a comment then – I don’t know why – probably got distracted! Such delicate work you do! I am so envious as I have such clumsy fingers now and can’t pick beads up. Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow. Clare x

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