Lines of Inspiration

While at Descanso Gardens a few weeks ago, I walked under this willow tree and was surrounded by lines and contrast.  photograph of weeping willow tree by Janell MithaniAs I slowly turned in a circle while looking up, It made me think about how lines create form and interest, inspiring me to explore lines in different ways when I paint.  When I sketch, I am very conscious of line, but when I move to the medium of paint, I find that I think in terms of color and shape.

My first thoughts are towards my liner brush, (one of my most favorite tools,) but I want to look at new ways to emphasize line.  I am going to see how I can use some of my other brushes in a different manner to create “lines” in my next painting.

It’s amazing how nature inspires us in so many different ways!

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell


22 thoughts on “Lines of Inspiration

  1. Beautiful photo! We all need to look up more. It is amazing how nature inspires us. I can see how when seeing something like this tree you think in terms of lines, but when looking at a flat piece of paper or canvas your brain thinks differently, such as in color instead. Something to think about for sure. Thank you are sharing your photo along with your thoughts! Lovely.

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  2. What an awesome photograph Janell, but it’s because you absorbed your surroundings. So glad you looked up, your creativity is incredible.


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