Fairy Sketch #2, #3, #4, and #5

This post is continuing with my 10 Fairy Sketches challenge.  I got motivated over the weekend, so here are Fairy sketches #2, #3, #4, and #5.

Fairy #2, “Dream”

Sleeping Fairy sketch by Janell Mithani

Fairy # 3.  I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for her.  What do you think?

fairy sketch #2 by Janell Mithani

Fairy # 4, “Laurel”

fairy sketch Laurel by Janell Mithani

Fairy #5, “Young One”

Fairy sketch of child fairy by Janell Mithani

I sketched all of them in my bound sketchbook (which is filling up fast) with a pencil.  I took a break from sketching today to paint.  So I will get back to sketching tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell



23 thoughts on “Fairy Sketch #2, #3, #4, and #5

  1. These a wonderful little fairies Janell, all different with different personalities. My favorite is “Laurel”, she has the biggest eyes and eyelashes ever and a gorgeous, beautiful face, she softens my heart if I look into her eyes! “Dream” is the first fairy with closed eyes I have seen till now, her name is perfect. The “Young One” is super cute with her tiny features, totally innocent. The “no name” looks very sure of herself and charming with the fullest lips ever, I name “Charm”. Delightful, gorgeous fairies!
    Have a most wonderful day.~Eva

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  2. Hi Susan, I like the name Bright, very cute. I just drew a fairy named Fawn a few weeks ago. I gave her lots of freckles, so I named her for her spots. Now I am working on a painting with her holding a fawn in her arms. Brilliant minds think alike! 🙂


  3. Love your fairies Janell – each carry their own delicate structures and personalities. I like Eva’s “Charm,” seems to fit the no-name character perfectly. You’ve been busy.

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  4. Love them all, especially the unnamed one. She looks as if she is waiting for something; I certainly don’t know what. She also looks young. I common name that popped into my head is Bella, because she is most beautiful.

    Also, really like dream!

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