Woodland Animals for My Niece’s Baby Shower

My niece is expecting baby # 2 and she had a baby shower in the theme of “Woodland Animals.”  So I created these cute little guys for decorations for her baby shower.  I drew all of the animals individually, then I transferred them to mixed-media paper to color and ink.  Once I had all the animals done, I photographed them, pulled them up in Photoshop and put them all together for a welcome sign and little tags for each attendee.  Woodland Animals by Janell Mithani

Here are a few of the individual drawings.

I thought the little moose was SO Cute! I think he was my favorite.

Moose drawing by Janell Mithani


And here is my Oregon Beaver. (The shower was in Bend, Oregon)  He looks a little feisty!

Beaver drawing by Janell Mithani

And a sweet little rabbit.

Rabbit drawing by Janell Mithani

The bear was one of the last ones I drew.  He is so funny!

bear drawing by Janell MIthani

I know we don’t have Hedgehogs in the Northwestern US, but I ran across a photograph of one and thought he was adorable, so I decided to include him.

Hedgehog drawing by Janell MIthani

These were so much fun to create!

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell



21 thoughts on “Woodland Animals for My Niece’s Baby Shower

  1. Adorable! You will have to create names for them and do a follow up. They would make great characters in stories. What a lovely thing to do for your niece!

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  2. Thanks, Mary. She loved them and had a great time at the shower. We talked about putting the group picture on a little t-shirt, so I will have figure that out. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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