My Fairy Garden

I was searching for a file and ran across this fairy garden photograph.

fairy garden photograph by janell mithani

This was the sweet little fairy garden I made when we built our studio in our back garden.  It was my secret fairy garden on the back side of the studio tucked under a Camelia and  Meyer Lemon tree.

I took the picture on 8/1/2004.

Wow!  Has time flown by.

And now you know…

I’ve been crazy about fairies for a VERY long time!  🙂

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell

9 thoughts on “My Fairy Garden

  1. It’s so sweet! I’ve loved fairies ever since I was a little girl and read the Red, Green, Blue, etc. Books of Fairy Stories. 🙂 It’s something I think no little girl ever outgrows!

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