A Summer For Sewing…

We have a few family weddings to attend in August and I have been busy creating jewelry and outfits for the events.  I have been so busy the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had a chance to do any painting.  My niece’s wedding is an Indian style wedding and I have been doing lots of beading as I make my dress.  Here is what I have done so far!  It is slow going…. And I still have another one to make.

photograph of hand beading on dress by Janell MithaniI also have a dear friend who is getting married in early August and I am making all the jewelry for her bridal party (which includes me.)  I hope to get all of the jewelry made this weekend. I am also making colorful shrugs for the bridesmaids (the dresses are sleeveless and my arms are old.) and a pop of coordinating tulle to peek out from the hem.  She wanted colorful pastels, so of course nothing is in pastel this year. I did a lot of searching and finally found these stretch laces and tulle.  Our dresses are a pale blue. I think we will definitely be colorful.

IMAG1414 IMAG1413

I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing!  And I need to get much faster… August will be here before I know it.  🙂

I have learned one really great “modern” sewing tip. (It seems I still do a lot sewing techniques the “old-fashioned” way. Who new?!  I actually learned to sew in sewing classes that we had in middle and high school in the 1970’s.)

I was watching a sewing show on public television and they were using weights to hold down their pattern pieces when laying out and cutting instead of pins.    This is great when you are using satin and silk fabrics.  It also saves time. So, I looked around my house and found that my lovely Degas coasters made great sewing weights.



Do you have any fun summer projects in process?  I would love to hear about them.

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell





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  1. Hi Janelle that’s beautiful! I learned to sewing at very young age and I loved and still love it I like to create my own designs unique one of a kind items. I have been working as Fashion Designer freelance in Italy that was another of my great passions. Here in US for some years I have been Fashion Expert for some nice Brands, that was years ago before I started my own design business. 🙂 I really love what you’re doing…:-)

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  2. Susan, Thank you and so sorry for my tardy response. Somehow, I missed your comment. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately trying to get too many things done at once and have been working mostly from my phone. I hope all is well with you!

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