Inspired by Vintage Jewelry

I absolutely love vintage jewelry. I’ve been collecting it, especially rhinestone jewelry, since I was a teenager.  So, I guess it is natural that pieces from vintage jewelry would make their way into the jewelry I create.  I love to use components from broken, mismatched, and disassembled  vintage jewelry as well as vintage beads.  I even collect clips and buckles from old shoes and belts.vintage assemblace rhinestone earrings by Janell Mithani

Of course, I would never take apart a special or valuable piece of jewelry.  Those, I just save to wear on special occasions… like when I go to the grocery store.  🙂

vintage assemblage rhinestone necklace by Janell Mithani

I really love the  slightly worn look to pieces that have aged.  It makes me think that someone must have really loved the piece and wore it all the time.  Or that a special person, who loved them very much, gave it to them.  I know,  I am a hopeless romantic!

Vintage assemblage gold and pearl necklace by Janell Mithani

I also love mixing components that I create (like the little rose bud above) with vintage beads.  Clear crystals and pearls are one of my favorite combinations.


I used a vintage shoe buckle as the focal piece for this necklace. I have been eyeing some of my girlfriends shoes…


I was missing my favorite color green, so I added some colors into this necklace.


Doesn’t my daughters vintage perfume bottle show off this sweet bracelet?  I borrowed a few from her collection to use as “props” on my latest photo shoot.


Oh, but don’t worry —  I haven’t forgotten about my fairies!   I am in the process of re-learning to solder (I haven’t soldered since college and that was a very long time ago!) and I have this fabulous idea to mix tiny images of my fairy paintings with my assemblage jewelry.  I am so excited about it!  Actually, I have thought about doing this for a while now, “marrying” the two things I love to create.  I just had to think about it and figure out the process.  I will share pictures of these new creations soon.

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell


20 thoughts on “Inspired by Vintage Jewelry

  1. Wow Janell, these are incredible. Absolutely in love with the diamond and pearly necklace laid on the stationery. You are incredibly talented!


  2. Lovely jewelry! I really love the Venetian beads! We were in Venice many years ago, and I stocked up. I must say, I’m kind of hoarding them for just the right thing. Of course, if I had your talent for designing jewelry, it would be easy to come up with the right use for them. 🙂

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  3. Susan, Thank you for your kind words. I have to admit, making jewelry is my stress release. It is so relaxing and fun. I love the Venetian beads, too. They are so unique and make wonderful focal components in a piece. I wish you lived in Southern California, you could come to one of my jewelry workshops and use your beads to make a beautiful necklace. You should check around your area, I bet there is a jewelry workshop you could attend. I promise it will be fun! 🙂

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  4. Thanks, Mary. That is my favorite, too! Although I fall in love with all of them when I am making them. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments. I’ve been really busy this summer, so I haven’t been able to post as much lately, and I’ve been late reading and posting to other blogs. I miss my WP time! I am looking forward to September and everything to return to normal. 🙂

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