A Tiny Book Charm

March Greetings!

A trip to Oregon, a touch of the flu and then, jury duty.  Whew!  What a couple of wild weeks.  It’s great to be back home and hopefully back to my regular weekly blog posts. I am looking forward to teaching a book charm workshop this Saturday at one of our local libraries.  It has been fun creating examples for the class, and I thought I would share my creative process.


The supplies are pretty simple and you probably have them lying around the house: card stock, art paper, clear stickers (you can use modge podge if you don’t have stickers,) wire, beads, charms, embroidery floss and white glue.

mini book charms by Janell Mithani

For the fairy book, I shrunk a picture of one of my paintings and created the cover in Photoshop.  The “Reading is My Super Power” cover is just text over a colored background. I printed them out on some thick card stock paper and then “laminated” them with a clear label to make them more durable.   The books are 1″ x 1 1/4″. I used some nice thick white art paper folded in half for the inside pages.  Six pages fit inside each book.


I nestled a piece of wire with loops at both ends under the pages before I glued them into the book.  Then I attached wire wrapped little charms and beads to the looped ends.  On the fairy book, I wrapped some pink embroidery floss around the book and added a couple of beads and knots at the end to dangle.


I am thinking of making them into necklaces by adding a jump ring and hanging them from a chain or ribbon.  They are pretty darn cute!  And of course, I LOVE the fairy book.  🙂

I am looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blog posts this week.  I hope you have been well and are enjoying life.

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell


17 thoughts on “A Tiny Book Charm

  1. These are fabulous Janell, I particularly love the fairy one! I mean those green eyes say it all, so sweet and cute and I think it’s a brilliant idea to make necklaces out of it, I know I would like it! Most charming, the small little details and touches make them so special.

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  2. Hi Jill, thanks, I wondered what an author would think of the little books. You lucked out on the jury duty! I had to report to downtown Los Angeles to the county courthouse. It was a bit of a drive, but an interesting day.

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  3. They’re lovely! Any doll or fairy would be delighted to own one! Jury duty is over-rated, but I guess we all have to do our civic duty at least once. Although the one time I got called locally, as I watched the proceedings my thoughts ran along the lines of, “God spare me a jury of my peers, if these are my peers!” It’s enough to keep one law-abiding! 😉

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  4. These are super cute Janell I looove the fairy! ❤ I used to make some mini book charms in the past very similar to yours but I should go back to create some to add to my Jewelry! Keep up with your creativity!

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