Tea Paintings

I love tea.  My mother in law taught me to drink tea shortly after I met her.  I drink strong black tea with milk, as well as lots of herbal teas.  I usually have a cup as soon as I wake up and an afternoon cup between 3 and 5 pm.  And maybe a few in between! 🙂 I love to recycle. So about a year ago I started saving my tea bags and thought I would use them in my art.
After my mom passed away, I started painting a tea bag a day as a relaxing therapy in the mornings.  Once I painted one, I was totally hooked!  I have been working on a new women’s series: “Every Size, Shape, Color, and Age.” So I decided to paint mini dresses in every size, shape, color, and age and continue this series with this project.  I have named each piece to honor a suffragette.
Once I had a large stack of painted tea bags, I laid them all out on my art desk and started thinking about how I could present them.  I had a stack of 4″ x 4″ canvases in the studio and thought I would paint backgrounds on them and adhere the painted tea bags to the painted canvas.  Each painting comes with a tea stained easel.
Tea bag paintings by artist Janell Mithani