A New Painting – Sisters

A few months ago I posted about how I was thinking of adding these two little girls to a painting. I had created a sketch from a picture of my sister and I when we were children.  Well, before I got a chance to start working on adding us in, I received a couple of inquiries about the painting.  So, I decided to create a new painting with the two girls and give it to my sister for her birthday.  SistersforBlog

While I was painting, I had a lot of time reminiscing about all the fun walks my sister and I shared while we were looking for wild flowers.  We were fortunate to grow up in a small mill town called Hilt, located in Northern California.  We spent a good amount of time roaming around the countryside.  We had the best swimming hole! I was a total rock hound (still am) and loved going rock hunting.

Have a wonderful creative day, Janell


5 thoughts on “A New Painting – Sisters

  1. Oh, Janell, this is wonderful and what fun it must have been to paint it while reminiscing about the fun you two had. She’ll treasure it. BTW we have something in common. I too am a terrible rock hound. Love them. 🙂


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