New Jewelry With a Bit of Whimsy

It’s time for some FUN and WHIMSY!  I’ve been enjoying making these whimsical pieces of jewelry.  I believe my fairy friends in the garden have been directing my thoughts lately.  🙂

I also thought my sweet fairy friends would like a bicycle their size… I could swear I left this necklace on my beading table when I left the studio last night, and here it is this morning, over on my desk… Hmmm….


Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell



A Self Portrait Painting

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a “Self Portrait Painting” workshop.  This is my sample painting.

Actually, it’s my first painted self-portrait.  I’ve done a few self-portrait photographs when I needed to update my headshot, but never a painting.

I worked with a limited color palette that was influenced by the beautiful paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was a bit different approach than my usual colorful palette.

We had a great time in the workshop and it was so fun to see all the different paintings.

Have you worked with a limited palette lately?

Or created a self-portrait?

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell

A Sweet and Fun Loving Puppy Snuck into My Sketchbook

Look who snuck into my sketchbook! 🙂  I sketched this sweet little dog for my girlfriend, Sue.  His name is Oscar and he is dachshund.  Isn’t he just adorable?

Oscar drawing of dog by Janell Mithani

I started out with a light sketch, adding shading and highlights as the drawing progressed.  I used 2B, 4B, 6B pencils with a little charcoal at the end for my deep shadows.  I also used a 1/4″ blending stump and a gum eraser.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful, creative, day!  Janell



A Sweet Fairy With Flowers in Her Hair

A flower or two in your hair…. isn’t that the perfect way to wear your hair?

sweet fairy with flowers in her hair by Janell Mithani

I do believe she has a bit of a pinkish cast that is not in my sketchbook.

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell 

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A Wary Fairy Sketch

A sweet, but wary fairy sketch, not sure what she is thinking…

sketch of fairy with branches crown by Janell Mithani

I am at a loss for a name for this sweet little fairy.  This doesn’t happen that often and I usually pick a one word name as the title to my pieces. But I am drawing a blank on this one, maybe because I began this sketch at home while I was watching TV with my honey and then worked on it while I was traveling and then sitting with my dad in his hospital room.  Lots going on while I was sketching… Hmmm… She seems a bit protective and wary.

Any names come to mind?  I would love to hear what you feel when you look at her.

Thanks and have a wonderful, creative, day!  Janell

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Vintage Dress Form Painting…

Spring Greetings!

I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of months due to family matters.  In March, my dad fell and injured his neck and has temporary paralysis, so I have been making a few trips back and forth to Oregon to visit and help out during his recovery. I must say…. it is FREEZING cold in that neck of the woods.  I am back home this week in sunny California and enjoying our 80 degree weather.  Everything is blooming and inspiring me to paint.

One good thing about not blogging for a while, is that I have lots of artwork to share.  While sitting with my dad, I had lots of time to sketch and in between trips, I’ve created a few paintings in the studio.  And my stress release habit of creating jewelry… well, let’s just say, I have quite a few new pieces I need to photograph and load to my online store. 🙂

I just looked thru my posts and noticed I haven’t shared this sweet little 8″ x 10″ painting that I made in February.

Romantic Vintage Fairy Dress Painting by Janell Mithani

It most certainly embraces my absolute love and fascination for everything vintage! And yes, I added wings! 🙂  I’ve collected and worn vintage dresses and jewelry since I was a teen, and love to use old dress forms to display my jewelry.

I hope you are doing well and I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blog posts.

I wish you a wonderful, creative, day, Janell



Two Timing My Easel

The sun is finally shining this week and it has motivated me to not only work on one painting, but to do two paintings at once.  Actually, I do this often.  It is a creative process I enjoy. I like to work on a large painting and a smaller painting at the same time.  I have a floor easel that is my main easel and a smaller table easel that I put on a pedestal next to it to work on smaller canvases.

working on two paintings in the studio by janell Mithani

It is fun for me to hop between the two and also practical to work on one when I am waiting for the other to dry or if I need to take a break and, you know…  think! 🙂

Do you ever work on two projects at once?  Does this type of process work for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell