New Musical Mermaid Painting

WooHoo! I finished my mermaid painting!

The title of this piece is “Viola,” 24″ x 36,” acrylic on canvas.

This is one of my large scale paintings and it took me about three months to complete it. It is the first painting in my new series, “Musical Mermaids.” 

A close-up view.

I have been working on sketches for a while, and decided on this one for the first painting in the series. I was inspired from a discussion I had with a sweet little four year old girl who came with her mom to one of my fairy garden classes. After we discussed fairies for a bit, she asked me if I believed in mermaids. I said Yes! And I whispered to her that I think I AM one. Her reaction was priceless. 💖

I’m so excited to finish this painting!

I got started with painting the background .

I made a few changes through the process of sketch to painting as well as some changes mid-painting. Below are a few pictures of my painting process and the different stages of the painting.

I add pastel chalk to the back of my sketches to transfer the drawing into my painting once I have the background painted.
I transferred the sketch with light pink and white pastel chalk so I could see it on the dark ocean.
The beginning of blocking in the shapes of the mermaid.
I had fun with the sea shells in her hair. 😁

I am excited about this new series. I love music and listen to all types when I’m painting. I even played the violin for a few years in school. Fortunately for everyone’s eardrums, I gave it up in high school to have more time for visual arts. 😁

I worked on the sky and ocean more and changed up the waves.
I have to admit I’m loving turquoise skin!
I paint the title on the sides of my large paintings that are on gallery wrapped canvas. My daughter (my word girl) helped me with the title. I use one word titles most of the time.
A last look at the finished piece.

Thanks for sharing my art journey with me.  Are you a fan of mermaids?  Are you going to wear sea shells in your hair today?

Here’s a quick little video of my sketch and finished painting in my studio.

Have a wonderful, creative, day filled with joy! Janell

A New Mermaid Painting

This is a video I created and posted to my Instagram account of me painting. It is a new painting I have been working on for the past few months, “Viola.” It is the first painting in my new series, “Musical Mermaids.” I’ve actually been creating sketches for this series for about a year, but this is the first chance I have had to create one as a painting.

I sped up the video with the app InShot. Ha! I wish I painted that fast! 🙂

Here is the original sketch, although it has changed a bit through the painting process.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and view my art process. I hope to finish this painting this week, so I will post a photo of the final painting next week.

Have a wonderful, creative day filled with joy, Janell

Aqua, A Mermaid Painting

Aqua, a sweet little mermaid slumbering in the waves.  I love the colors of this painting.

mermaid painting by Janell MIthani I did some traveling in September, visiting family in Oregon.  I had a wonderful trip, and it took me a week or so to wind down and get back to work in the studio.  This week, I got back to my paintings and this painting was still sitting on my easel, almost finished.  She seemed to be calling to me… 🙂  Finish me, please!

Here are a few pictures of my creative process.
sleepingbMy original sketch waterfaeblogThe background is painted and then I sketched in the mermaid with charcoal.

Finished painting with a bit of tulle that I had in the studio.


Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell