What Inspires you

One of the biggest inspirations for my art is my garden.  I love spending time gardening, painting and just sitting and observing what is happening outside my studio.  I just love the tiny bright red blooms on the plants just outside my door.  They seem so soft and fragile.  I image little fairy’s snuggling among them for an afternoon nap.

garden with birdhouse photograph by Janell Mithani

I am also inspired by yellow and purple color combinations, lately.  The bright yellow is so cheery next to the light purple of the lavender.

Photograph of lavendar and daisy by Janell Mithani

So… What inspires you?

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell


9 thoughts on “What Inspires you

  1. Your salvia, lavender and coreopsis (?) are beautiful! I LOVE lavender! The beauty of Creation frequently inspires me, for instance, the beautiful sunsets out our back door. But lately I have been inspired by some amazing rocks that we brought home from West Texas and that I have been polishing in our rock polisher. I even used some to make a game for our grandchildren.


  2. I love the idea of sitting in a garden painting! I’ve never tried that, but I should have really because I seem to paint flowers and trees better than anything else. I find painting very relaxing, and so is sitting in the garden – a perfect afternoon recuperation! 🙂


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