Happy Earth Day!

A few years ago I joined a neighborhood fruit and vegetable swap group.  We meet once a month at the local park to “swap” all of our excess fruit and vegetables from our gardens.  If you have too many tomatoes, your neighbor may have too many cucumbers and you can swap.  This has also been a great opportunity to meet my neighbors and make some new friends.  We also have a lot of  neighbors who have their own chickens and even a few goats and a bee keeper.

RIPE logo created by Janell Mithani

I just love all of the “imperfections” of the natural looking fruits and vegetables and I have photographed many of them in my studio before they were eaten.  This is the logo I created from some of my pictures, stands for Residential In-season Produce Exchange.

To see more of my photographs, check out my Home Grown Gallery under my Portfolio page or click here.

Well, I am off to plant some seeds.  Have a wonderful creative day, Janell