Another Sketch…A Sweet Face

We took a few trips to downtown Los Angeles and out to the San Fernando Valley while our daughter was visiting this last month, so I had some time in the car to do a few sketches.  This sweet little face is a bit younger than most of my wildish spirits, but she just emerged with a very innocent expression.

Manga Girl Sketch by Janell Mithani

I usually start my sketches with the eyes, nose and mouth and then get the shape of the chin and face; then I add the hair and fae shaped ears.  This drawing came together that way.  I sketched a few extra things around her as I was thinking about different ideas for the background and foreground when I get to the painting stage.

I am thinking of Aster(after the genus name Asteraceae from the aster daisy) for her name as I am sure some type of daisy will be in the painting.  Aster also means star and refers to the fallen tears of the Goddess Astraea, known as Virgo and September’s constellation.  I have a feeling her painting will be my September project.  I am also considering changing the pack of firewood she is carrying over her shoulder to a big bouquet of daisies when I create the painting.

Hmmm… seems like I have a bit to think about.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  🙂

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell

15 thoughts on “Another Sketch…A Sweet Face

  1. She does have the most beautiful air of innocence to her and she strikes me as being a girl who is happiest in the company of woodland creatures and critters than she might be with humans.

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