Two Timing My Easel

The sun is finally shining this week and it has motivated me to not only work on one painting, but to do two paintings at once.  Actually, I do this often.  It is a creative process I enjoy. I like to work on a large painting and a smaller painting at the same time.  I have a floor easel that is my main easel and a smaller table easel that I put on a pedestal next to it to work on smaller canvases.

working on two paintings in the studio by janell Mithani

It is fun for me to hop between the two and also practical to work on one when I am waiting for the other to dry or if I need to take a break and, you know…  think! 🙂

Do you ever work on two projects at once?  Does this type of process work for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell




13 thoughts on “Two Timing My Easel

  1. Yes I work and it is possible when you are able to make our divide them into two pieces. I mean the mind has to be trained so. The Mind has the capacity to be divided into so many pieces it is used to it anyway. Hahaha.
    I hope you understand. Janell!
    All the Best to YOU


  2. Janell!
    There are a few things for you on my blog if at all you have time and would divide things in the way discussed just now you may see some of my Posts.
    Today is Valentine’s Day and I wish you all the very best. One latest post is being scheduled to publish in a few minutes from now”MUSIC”.
    See you there.


  3. Thanks, Carolina. I like Storenvy, I just need a place where clients can see my jewelry and that is easy and fast for me to load. And no upfront costs. Honestly, most all of my customers are old school, they just want to look online and then call me and do transactions over phone or if local, stop by the studio. Which is great, I love seeing them and getting to visit. 🙂 Are you liking your online store?

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  4. Great I am glad you like Storenvy. Time ago I was debating if leave Etsy and get Storenvy to be honest my favorite store is the one I create on my Blog just obviously is not like the traditional online store but I have created special pages connected with my galleries, and custom order forms to order, also I have a PayPal button here as payment method. For me that’s the best but you know some people like to see the traditional online stores 😉 I two Etsy shop now one the jewelry one my Art mostly to have another platform as open door. Do you still have your Etsy or not?

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  5. Hi Carolina, no I don’t have it. I have been pretty busy with painting this past year and have been working on a body of work and series that I am really excited about. I also returned to doing commissions, so I’ve been busy with other things. But, I do need to work more on marketing my jewelry. I’m thinking of doing some local shows and boutiques as they are always fun.

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