Le Lapin, (Bunny) Painting

I finished this painting a few months ago and just realized I hadn’t shared it on my blog.  The title is “Le Lapin, Bunny” and it is acrylic on canvas, 20″  x 24.”

Le Lapin Bunny painting by Janell Mithani

My dearest girlfriend, Carolyn, was visiting me in the studio just after I had finished the painting, and she titled the piece for me.  Hence the French… I don’t speak French, but I love the title!  Thank you, Carolyn!!


This is the youngest “Wildish Spirit” I’ve painted. It’s interesting how they sometimes change a bit or look older from sketch to paint.  i suppose, it is just part of my creative process and the difference in mediums that I used.  Here is the original sketch that I created last summer.

Manga Girl Sketch by Janell Mithani

I hung the painting at the end of our hallway so I can look at it while I walk down the hall. 🙂

It is my favorite place in our home to hang a painting as I walk by it a hundred times a day.  It is also the place where I swap pieces out the most.  Throughout the year, I change the paintings depending on my mood, seasons and what I have created in the studio.  Since we have such mild weather year-round, I often hang a painting that reminds me of the current season. 

I hope you are having a wonderful end to your summer and wish you a wonderful, creative, day, Janell


Bunny Chairs for Spring!

It’s bunny season!  I just love bunnies, I have lots of bunny statues around my garden.


I painted a bunny chair for my daughter for Easter when she was about seven years old.  (She is in college now) My dad cut out the wood piece as well as two more chairs for me when so many people loved her chair. Well… 11 years later (I looked at the postmark on the box he mailed) and I am finally getting time to put the additional two together and paint them.  It took me about 3 days to paint, assemble and then paint the details of their faces and ears.  I made each one a little different.


Detail of second bunny chair face.

Bchair2W Bchair1W

They were so fun to paint.


I decided to crochet a little cushion for each of them.   They are available at Belle’s Nest, 55 N. Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre or just contact me if you are interested.  The are $139 each.

Here are a few pictures of my process…


Beautiful wood!



Painted two coats…


All ready for their faces and personality!


The original chair I made for my daughter 11 years ago.  He is still sitting out on our enclosed patio.

Have a wonderful creative day, Janell