A Visit with our “Grand-Cat”

Wish I  could say that I have been super busy doing all kinds of things this month and that is why I haven’t posted to my blog.  But, I have mostly been doing…nothing.  I suppose I just needed a mental, physical and creative break….All at once!  🙂shilohface2Web

I have been visiting with my daughter and her beautiful cat who came to visit for a few weeks during her summer break from college.  He is certainly a charmer!  And he has stolen our hearts for sure.  🙂


I am teaching an art workshop today and then I am headed into the studio to work on finishing a few paintings.  So I will have a few things to share next month.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  I am looking forward to seeing the fireworks display.

Have a wonderful, creative, day, Janell


Some Days are Harder than Others

Last week was a tough week and I just didn’t feel up to posting to my blog.  Our precious family cat, Button died.  We were lucky to have him with us for the past 10 years.  We miss him so very much.  I have had other pets who have died over the years, but it just doesn’t seem to get any easier.  They bring such joy and love to our lives.buttonandJazzy1W

We adopted him from a shelter when he was just a few months old.

button 05 084c2Web

At the shelter, they named him Button because they thought he was “Cute as a Button.”  We totally agreed!


Christmas 2005ButtonW

It was right before Halloween and they were having an adopt a black cat day.   It was a Saturday and I was at work at my photography studio.  My daughter called me between shoots and said that she and her dad were at the shelter and she asked if she could get a cat.  (For the past few months, she had been visiting the shelter after her horseback riding lessons. ) I said, “What did your dad say?” She said, “He said I could if you said I could.”


So when I got home that night, we had a new member of the family.  And he was most definitely, Cute as a Button!


Hopefully I will get back to painting and posting new art to my blog soon.  I am off to my WP reader to catch up on what all of you blogger friends have been posting.

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell

Art, Galleries, Cats and Family

I am posting a little early this week.  My daughter is coming home from college tomorrow and I know I will be busy this weekend spending time with her and our family.  I have been cleaning most of the day, I have to confess I set my sewing machine up in her room while she was away and well, kind of made a mess. 😦  Her cat Button, who her dad and I have been spoiling, was “supervising” my efforts.

Button in studio

Button supervising my cleaning… and yes, that is dirt and lint on my black cat, kind of like keeping a black car clean.

I am looking forward to having her around this summer and we plan to visit some art galleries and museums together.  The Getty is definitely on our list. If anyone has a favorite art gallery in the greater Los Angeles area that we should visit, please leave me a comment.  I always get so inspired and motivated when I visit a gallery, I love to see different mediums and art up close and in person.

Button, Inspired by my art!  :)

Button, Inspired by my art! 🙂

Speaking of the Getty, A few weeks ago I was invited to visit the Reading Room at the Getty Museum. It was an awesome visit!  An educator from the professional portrait photography industry and the curator lead a small group of artists in a discussion and up close study of about 18 photographs. The Getty has a wonderful on-line gallery of their art collection and I have linked to some of the photographs we studied.  We saw the gelatin silver print ‘Human Erosion in California (Migrant Mother) by Dorothea Lange, an original Polaroid of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Andy Warhol, and my favorite of the group, a platinum print “Georgia O’Keeffe: A Portrait”  by Alfred Stieglitz. This is a beautiful, expressive image of her hands.  I just love pictures of hands, they tell such a beautiful story… I guess they just speak to me. We also saw a framed hand-colored daguerreotype “Portrait of Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre” by Charles Richard Meade. 

It was a wonderful and unique experience to see these beautiful photographs up close and have the time to study them.  A day I will always remember.

Now I better be off to the final touches of cleaning up my daughter’s room.  I got my fabric and sewing machine moved out to my studio.  You can see how helpful Button was…

photograph of Button snoozing

Button, snoozing when he should be helping me!

Have a wonderful creative weekend, Janell