New Tea Bag Paintings

I really love to drink tea. I started recycling my teabags and painting on them shortly after my mom passed away last May.  It started out as my art therapy, and turned into something I really love to create.  It also gives me a chance to create smaller pieces while I am working on my large paintings.

Tea bag paintings by artist Janell Mithani

I decided to adhere them to canvas and set them on wood easels.

Many of these paintings are of dresses and I have created a new series: Every Size, Shape, Color, and Age.  I am titling them after suffragettes.

I have created so many, they now have their own page in my online portfolio. I am also working on creating an online store for my paintings, these  will be my first to add to the store.  I have been selling locally and have shipped my art all over, so I think it is time to set up an online store, you know, in my spare time.  🙂

This is a set I created of flower paintings.  A collector stopped by the studio the other day and purchased the set. They are on a thick, wrapped, 3″ canvas. I can’t wait to see how she displays them.

This is the first one I created. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was a little girl.

Are you a fan of drinking tea?  Herbal or black tea?  I’m having a cup of herbal cherry tea at the moment.  The pink stain on the tea bag is giving me an idea for a painting…

Have a wonderful, creative, joyful day!  Janell