Painting in Cambria

While we were in Cambria over the holidays, I got a chance to paint the view from the deck from the house we were renting.  I just about finished the painting on site, now it is sitting on my easel … patiently waiting for a few finishing touches.  I just loved the beautiful view we had and the peaceful sound of the ocean as I painted.

painting of Cambria by Janell Mithani

Oh, and here is a visitor that showed up to watch me paint. 🙂

photograph of deer by Janell Mithani

Have a wonderful creative day, Janell

Holiday Getaway and Photographing my Daughter at the Beach

The past few weeks have been busy with family, friends, celebrations, traveling and a bit of time for reading. We had a chance to run off to Cambria for a few days right before Christmas and had a wonderful time.  We walked the beach, hiked the trails at Fiscalini Ranch, took a tour of Hearst Castle, enjoyed fish and chips, barbecue… and I got a chance to do a quick photo shoot of my daughter at the beach.

Portrait by Janell Mithani Portrait by Janell Mithani

I loved the beautiful light at sunset, but you have to work fast! We were running and chasing the light at the end. I fill flashed her in on the second shot as the light was pretty much gone.

We found both vintage dresses at thrift stores.  One of our favorite mom and daughter outings is to look for beautiful vintage dresses at thrift stores and vintage shops.  She found the purple dress while we were visiting with family in Oregon in August and the green and black dress here in the Los Angeles area in October.   I am pretty sure I had a dress similar to the purple dress when I was a teenager… guess that make me “vintage”. 🙂

Have a wonderful creative day, Janell

A Painting for My Husband…

I painted this beach scene for my Husband for Christmas.  BeachSceneSmallLogo

I finished it on Christmas Eve, just in time to pop it into a frame I had in the studio.  He has always loved the “Woody” car with a surf board on the top.  Living in Southern California, he and our daughter have had a lot of fun spotting them when we are hanging out at the beach.  Green is both of our favorite color, so it had to be a green car.  I think this is the first time I have ever drawn and painted a car.  I finally put the hanging hardware on the back of it this weekend so he can hang it up in his office.

Here are a couple shots of the progress of the painting.


I am just beginning to get the palm trees sketched and painted in..


This is the painting of the beach, I just need to add the car.


With the car sketched in…  I did a pretty detailed drawing in pencil on paper and then did the old-fashioned transfer of scribbling on the back of the paper with charcoal and tracing over my sketch to transfer the line drawing into my painting.  It works great, I also sometimes use white charcoal or soft pastel if I am transferring onto a darker painted surface.  If you mess up you can just brush it off with a paper towel.  Also, if you don’t want charcoal all over the back of your sketch, you can take a photo copy of your sketch and use the copy for your transfer.  I use this process a lot when I want to “Ink” one of my Manga drawings, too.

Wish you a wonderful creative day, Janell